Take Care of Your Aura, It Will Take Care of Your Success!

Take Care of Your Aura, It Will Take Care of Your Success!

Recently, amidst the demands of my professional journey, I stumbled upon an often-overlooked aspect of success – our aura. It's not just about the skills and degrees we bring to the table, but the energy we emit. And god, I love this topic!

What is an Aura, Anyway?

To me, an aura is like a personal and vibrational signature that we don't write with a pen but emanate with our being. It's an energy field, a reflection of our emotions, passions, fears, and overall well-being. Have you ever met someone and felt an immediate connection or perhaps the opposite? That's the aura speaking.

Why My Aura Became My Priority:

  • First Impressions Matter: Before I utter a word, my aura has already set the tone. I realized that a positive aura made me more relatable and genuine.
  • Intuition and Decision Making: With a clearer aura, I felt my intuition sharpening, guiding me in personal and professional decisions.
  • Relationship Building: In my interactions, I noticed that a balanced aura fostered deeper connections and mutual understanding. We do attract people that match our vibrations. 

Nurturing My Aura:

  • Meditation and Reflection: I dedicate a few moments each day to introspection. This not only clears any negativity but also recharges my energy.
  • Physical Health: Ensuring regular exercise, a nourishing diet, and restful sleep became non-negotiables for my aura's health.
  • Nature and Pets: I spent most of my free time in nature with my dogs. Their unconditional love and the serenity of the outdoors always helped recalibrate my energy.
  • Affirmations: I won’t say that I have a ritual to start my day with positive affirmations, but I do remind myself every day that I am in good health, safe, surrounded by love and joy, and very lucky to be alive.
  • Choosing Positivity: I became more selective about the content I consume and the company I keep. Positivity became a conscious choice.


In my journey, I've learned that success isn't only about hard work or talent. It's deeply puzzled with the energy we carry. By nurturing my aura, I've unlocked a new dimension of success and well-being. And I believe, with a bit of awareness and care, you can too.


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